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Sing and Learn Series Book 1 – The Bismillah Book


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The Bismillah Board Book

Mealtimes can, and should, be fun!

The Bismillah Book injects fun into the simple Sunnah of saying Bismillah before eating. It transforms mealtimes into sing-n’-laugh-n’-imagine-n’-play-n’-learn times! A friendly hungry whale reminds a little boy to ‘Always say Bismillah’ before biting into his favorite food. The vibrant visuals tell a story and transport children into an aquatic adventure where they ride waves and go underwater to be guests at the table of the friendly whale.

These are the first Islamic Multimedia Books, with a song video included. The catchy tunes, simple rhyme and repetitive lyrics engage children and help them learn the etiquette of eating.

Bismillah Buddies are very excited to share The Sing and Learn Series with you. It is the first-ever series of Multimedia Islamic Books for children. It bridges the gap between videos and books, giving mothers a unique option to help find the elusive balance between screen-time and book-time. The series skillfully combines core Islamic learning with colorful visuals and fun songs. The content has been carefully crafted to realize our goal of making Islamic learning Relevant, Engaging, and Fun for children. We have designed these books in consultation with mothers, educators, and teachers of Islamic studies. We have employed several simple strategies to encourage creativity and ensure that their introduction to Islamic learning is full of laughter and joy.

  • Core concepts: Selected for ease of understanding
  • Relevance: Concepts that are relevant to children’s daily life
  • Repetitive pattern for the lyrics: Ease of retaining the message and remembering the lesson
  • Simple tunes: helps the words stick and enable children to sing independently
  • Encourages creativity: Children can add build the song and add on to it.

Additional Info: Weight-0.4000, Language-English, Cover Type-Hard Cover, Product Dimension-20 x 20 x 10 cm, Age Group-0 to 3 yrs, Publish Year-2019

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