Dine, Dua & Doodle Chalk PlaceMat


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Only if there was a creative way to teach our little muslims the beautiful Sunnah’s in an engaging yet creative way ! Well, now you can. Our Dine & Dua chalk mat does just that. Tap into your child’s inner artist on the chalk mat side. When they are done, simply wipe down the chalk mat and flip it over for a colouring activity that teaches  your child the sunnah’s of eating. Afterwards, roll up your Dua n Doodle Mat and toss it in its travel friendly drawstring pouch. A handy holder keeps the chalk and cloth duster. Stores easily in a purse or diaper bag, where it’s always handy for the next time. Clean it with the textured cloth duster provided that makes your mat good as new. Both sides are durable, stain-resistant and made with faux leather so it is super easy for parents to clean and ideal for children to use.

Contents: A double sided mat , a Cloth Duster and drawstring storage sack. All Included.

11″ x 17″

Fabric/ Faux Leather

Wipe Clean with the cloth duster. Spot Clean. Do not use crayons or markers.