Salaams ! And I’m glad you found your way here….

Alright! Let’s do this. So, to begin with, the namesake behind the brand is my 10 year old daughter Imaan .

Imaan Explorers is a faith inspired lifestyle brand. We hope to create urban unique products that will allow young muslim families to celebrate their faith and express their modern muslim lifestyle with pride ! It is important, now more than ever that we have a sense of representation & inclusivity in the retail gift and decor market. We hope to continue to create and design timeless home decor pieces that would add value and aesthetic to your beautiful homes. Ofcourse we hope that high street will one day carry our products as well. A girl can dream right ?

I started this business because I dared to say two words!  Yes. Two words and now i’m here ! While I lived and travelled through different continents, I always noticed the magic around Christmas was kinda a big deal almost everywhere. London, New York, Prague, Berlin, India… heck, I once even attended a Christmas market in Ghana …. Didn’t matter whether you subscribed to those beliefs or not. There were warm fuzzy vibes in the air and the spirit of festivity broke all barriers – age, gender, race and even hostility. It was heart warming to see how the holidays can bring people together without compartmentalising them by their beliefs ! I loved it ! My own kids were hypnotised by the fairy dust that came with the holidays – the cake making, the countdown calendars, the tree lighting, the gift exchange and even down to the matching christmas pyjamas. Oh come on, who am I kidding. I loved it too! And then one day I stopped to ask WHY ? Why did I love it ? Why was it so easy to make traditions memorable when it came to Christmas ? Why couldn’t my kids be equally excited for EID ? And then I said the two most powerful words I had ever said – WHY NOT ? 

And now – here I am !! My hope with Imaan Explorers is to bring sparkle and visual festivity into our holidays and our everyday homes by celebrating our heritage and beliefs through home decor and celebratory products. We need to raise our children around islamic reminders through everyday touch-points. Let us not divide our deen and our dunya. Why can’t we have a dunya that is inspired by deen ? So join me in saying WHY NOT ? 

Oh yes, one more thing. Imaan Explorers is a social entrepreneurship. Please do know that majority of the profit proceeds from all sales will be going towards our in-house trust funded foster home program that we have been passionately trying to bring to life. More on that soon. Promise !

Ok, time to  jump off. Stay close, make dua and we promise to bring you quality products that you and your families will grow to love and cherish. Inshallah !