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Hello & Welcome

Salaams ! So happy to see you pop in here…Do linger around and have a look. We have a nice little line up of some fun deen inspired products that we are hoping you will love as much as we do. If you have any questions or some product development ideas, do drop us a note below and fill us in. Any questions, big, small or downright silly – are all OK and welcome. Hearing from you would make our day ! So…go on. Tell us !



Assalaam-walaikum,I am so happy with your service. Alhumdulillah.  My name is Zeba and i moved to Canada recently. I just sent out eid gifts to my nieces and nephews using your website. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to use Canadian dollars to send out a gift to india. I just sent my cousin who lives in US your page, looks like she wants to send some eid gifts too.

Zeba Abdur Rahman


I just want to say thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart. That little gift just made my day. It was an absolute pleasure ordering from your business. May Allag make it fruitful and abundant. I can’t wait to dress my kids and I hope you have an amazing eid filled with delight and happiness.

Asmaa Romero


My Parcel arrived today ! I can’t believe how quickly it came. This parcel arrived before my UK based ones! I’ve just had a look through my order and everything looks perfect! The pyjamas are so cute and the quality looks amazing my nieces are going to love them!

Ayesha Hussain


Imaan Explorers has now become my go to place for eid decor ! Thank you for bringing this to India and making it so accessible and easy for us to celebrate our deen. My kids are super excited to decorate and wear their Eid pyjamas !!

Saher Faraz

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